1101 King Street

  • Address 1101 King Street
  • Household Income $158,999 within 1 mile
  • Population 31,200 within 1 mile
  • Daytime Population 46,517 within 1 mile
  • Vehicles per Day 23,000 at S. Henry and King Street


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Located on a busy corner in the middle of Old Town at the intersection of S. Henry Street and King Street with 23,000 vehicles passing daily. Exhaust is available for full service restaurant use. This is an 181,000 SF Office Building (98% Occupied) with a walk Score of 97 due to high pedestrian traffic. There are 36,688 daytime employees within 1 mile of the site. The King Street corridor is an active strip of commerce and tourism that successfully accommodates both Alexandria’s local residents as well as it’s visitors.